Sustainable Printing

Environmentally Friendly Packaging Perth

As a responsible organisation we are committed to managing environmental, social and economic risks in a responsible manner. We are fully aware of these risks whilst producing our custom packaging boxes with logos in Perth.

In support of our endeavors to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and minimise our carbon footprint we have formulated a strategy that will strive to see a sustainable reduction in our overall CO2 emissions. As Western Australia’s ONLY zero carbon printer we are in a unique position to be able to assist you achieve your objectives, whilst enhancing investor value and delivering social and environmental benefits.

To neutralise our unavoidable emissions, we purchase carbon credits in Carbon Credit Projects as determined by the Carbon Reduction Institute.

Sustainable Printing | Crystal Pack

Crystal Pack is Western Australia’s only zero carbon printer.

Our commitment to sustainability doesn’t end there.

We know the importance of sustainable industry and we’ve taken responsibility for our impact by adopting industry best practice environmentally sustainable standards. All the packaging Crystal Pack produces is commercially compostable, minimising our environmental footprint.

Find out more about sustainable packaging in our printing news, and all about our custom printed packaging services here.

Our packaging is compostable

Compostable packaging means that it is capable of being broken down into compost (which is used as a fertiliser for growing plants).

The standards for compostable packaging are quite concrete – to be classed as commercially compostable, the packaging must break down within 90 days of being discarded to a compost environment. What this means is that the packaging has gone through a full life cycle and is now ready to regenerate. There will be no hidden nasties broken down and left with nowhere to go! Our plant-based packaging returns to the soil to start again. This is much better for the environment and, thus, can be considered truly sustainable packaging.