The packaging of a product is as important as the product itself. 

That’s a bold statementBut for any business that’s yet to take this on board, consider this According to the worldwide authority on packaging, Smithers Pira, the global industry is set to be worth $1.05 trillion (US dollars) by the year 2024. That is, by anyone’s standards, a huge amount of money. And no industry gets to this size without being hugely influential… 

Quite simply, packaging defines the product, the brand, the recognition and – crucially – the desire for consumers to purchase again and again. With this in mind, let’s look at what companies should be considering when determining the ultimate in packaging solutions for their products. 

1. The Wow Factor

Before the customer even gets to the product, the packaging should convey a message that begins the journey. It should speak to the customer and be an integral part of the purchasing experience. But this doesn’t mean packaging needs to be expensive – it’s all about defining a USP that’s instantly recognisable and communicates the vibe of the brand. 

Building anticipation and focusing the consumer on the product they’re about to unveil is a key role of good packaging. There are many ways this can be achieved, including: 

  • Great typography 
  • Colours and logos 
  • Messages on the packaging 
  • Embellishments, such spot glossfoil and embossing

2. Customer Demographics

Packaging needs to strike at the heart of what’s important to your customers. If you pack a product for teenagers it will differ greatly for that of middle-aged white collar executives. Defining your target market is a key element of determining the type of packaging that creates the buzz your audience requires. 

3. Go Green

Today’s purchasers are more aware than ever how their buying choices impact the planet. Compostable packaging where possible should be considered an essential element, and will certainly give your brand the edge over that of competitors who haven’t yet embraced the environmental aspect. 

With this in mind, consider packing that’s not excessive. While you may want to communicate a company message, this isn’t necessarily best done using swathes of packaging – very often it’s a case of ‘less is more’, while still ensuring that your product is adequately protected  and can withstand shipping and transportation. 

4. Make it Recognisable

The most successful packaging options are those that are instantly recognisable. This can be achieved in many ways, and don’t have to cost a fortune or be overly complex. You only need consider the success of the simplistic packaging of Apple’s products to understand how aesthetically beautiful and effective uncomplicated solutions can be. Check out some examples of our boxes and tubes.

From Start-Ups to Rebranding 

Packaging should never be an afterthought – it’s as important as the product itself. Start-ups and growing businesses, as well as global brands, can massively influence the success of their products by getting the packing spot on. Along with your brand message, the packaging tells your customers and potential customers why your product is different from others on the market. 

Getting packaging right is crucial, and the ultimate way to do this is to work with an expert source. Perth-based Crystal Pack is the go-to provider for those who understand the vital need for their packaging to emulate the quality of the product/s they sell. Boasting an in-house team of graphic designers and highly experienced creative team, they work with companies to build packaging solutions from concept to product to truly compliment your brand. 

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